Kerry has been writing stories since preschool. Her day job tends to be more serious, so she moonlights as a children’s author to stay lighthearted. With a B.A. in Intercultural Studies and Political Science from Biola University, an M.Litt in International Security from the University of St. Andrews, an M.A. in Political Science and a PhD in progress at Texas Tech University, a full-time job at an industrial services company, and three puppies to walk (and bike and roller-blade, their favorite), she has to say “whoa Hoss!” every now and then!

Hoss stays just about as busy. He was found roaming in the mountains in California and spent several months in an animal shelter before he found Kerry. Now he works hard patrolling the yard, protecting his Six Shooter and bossing Buster, walking the park, and sleeping in the noonday sun. Oh, and exploring the world!