Dog Days of Summer

It has been a busy summer.  First, I got married!

Second, I moved into a new house.  Oy!

Third, I have continued to work my two jobs–industrial and academic.

Fourth, I’m doing an independent study on Technology and War.  GREAT stuff so far.

Fifth, we have been living up the dog days of summer.  Park visits, walks, bike rides, baths, water fights, and the newest, most dangerous, and definitely most hilarious activity::: rollerblading.

As summer begins to wind down and we all get geared up for another school year, Hoss and I are making big plans to start the next book, Wallaby Walkabout!  Keep an eye out for the next contest coming soon… the grand prize winner will be featured in the book!!

One comment on “Dog Days of Summer

  1. This is the most thrilling and blessed summer of your young life dear one ..
    So many wonderful things happening especially your marriage to a wonderful man , Rafael ..

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