Monthly Question – How did you pick Hoss?

It has been a while since I have had the time to post.  Sorry for the season of silence >>> things got REALLY busy at work and school!

A few weeks ago, Derek from Dallas, TX asked “How did you pick Hoss?”  A GREAT question, especially for anyone thinking about the joy of responsibility of getting a pet.  Here were the most important points of how Hoss and I picked each other.

1. Energy Level:  This is the most important question.  How much energy does this breed have, and how often does it need exercise to be happy?  If you accept the responsibility of taking care of a creature, make sure you can give that pup what it needs to be well, balanced, and happy.  If it doesn’t get enough exercise / get enough energy out, it won’t be any of those things and even the dogs with the best personalities can become difficult.  Pick a dog that matches your energy level and lifestyle!

Hoss is low to medium energy.  He loves a good walk and likes to run short-distances in an adventure.  Six is medium energy.  She likes a brisk trot and to play games that make her think.  Buster is a high-energy boy.  He likes to barrel around, sprint, jump, and wrestle.  I’m thinking of getting him a pulling harness so he can really exercise at the park!


2. Personality

Do you want a happy, friendly dog?  Or a strong, loyal guardian dog?  Maybe you want a smart, trainable dog.  All breeds have their pros and cons, so make sure to think about what fits your personality, family, and lifestyle.

Hoss is a calm, loyal, affectionate, and protective dog.  With all my travels, he was the perfect fit for me.  Six Shooter is smart (scary smart!) and Buster is the happy-go-lucky one.

Six Smiling

3. Physical Features


Big dogs, small dogs, short hair, long hair, thin tails, thick tails, pert ears, floppy ears >>> dogs are so varied and beautiful!  After you pick a dog that fits your energy level and personality, think about things like size, grooming, medical needs, and look.  Big dogs eat a lot, so food will cost more!  They also have more joint and belly problems in their old age.  Shedding dogs need a good brushing more often.  Dogs with thick, strong, wagging tails can knock things over in the house!

I personally like big dogs.  There’s nothing like wrapping Hoss boy up in a full, furry hug!Dogs of different sizes

4. Your Heart

Sometimes you just know your canine soulmate when you see it.  Hoss stole my heart before we even met by his adoption photos, and when we finally did it sealed the deal.  I saw his adoption profile at a local humane society on a Sunday, met him on Monday, adopted him on Tuesday, and picked him up on Wednesday.  It was a genuine case of love at first sight.

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