Runner-up::: Ava Thomas!

Last but certainly not least, I am so excited to announce the second runner-up in the OutBACK TO SCHOOL Contest::: Ava Thomas!

The two things I love most about Ava’s submission are that she found the wonder in a small, usually overlooked animal and how wonderfully she depicted the sounds the blue mountain tree frog makes.  That is called onomatopoeia, kids, and Ava is great at it!

I am very proud of Ava and her inventive essay and colorful artwork.  Girl, keep striving as a student and researcher!

She will receive a signed and paw-printed copy of Are We There, Yeti? to commemorate her good work.  Please feel free to congratulate and encourage Ava in the comments!

Ava's essayAva's artwork

Photo credit to Evan Pickett
Photo credit to Evan Pickett

One comment on “Runner-up::: Ava Thomas!

  1. What a wonderful essay about the Blue Mountain Tree Frog!! Wow! Such informative reading. Very proud!! Such a bright student!!

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