Dog Days of Summer

It has been a busy summer.  First, I got married! Second, I moved into a new house.  Oy! Third, I have continued to work my two jobs--industrial and academic. Fourth, I'm doing an independent study on Technology and War.  GREAT stuff so far. Fifth, we have been living up the dog days of summer.  Park [...]

Bed Bugs

The dogs have always had furs for beds.  I got them all from the Isle of Skye in Scotland, a brown and white double sheep fur pet mat that Hoss has slept on for years, a large white fur that Buster snuggles in to, and a little brown fur for Six.  Skyeskins has AMAZING products. [...]

Ball Buster

Buster is a simple boy.  Unlike Hoss, he doesn't devour or destroy in the space of a few minutes.  Unlike Six Shooter, he doesn't outsmart the games and get bored.  Give that boy a toy, and he's set for a long time (as long as he gets to be with you). A very common Buster [...]

Birthday Flash

Hoss' hatred for the camera flash continues.... It's his birthday. He just got gravy with dinner. He was invited up on the couch (which never happens)! And he's STILL mad because of that flash! Let's try to add some more positives. Mom singing happy birthday? Nope. Mom being silly and funny? Maybe a little, but [...]